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LED bike frames glow with inner light

Phantom Frames on Kickstarter create glowing kids' bikes that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Phantom Frames bike
Turn your kid into a night-rider. Phantom Frames

When I was little, my bike had a sparkly white banana seat. I thought I was the epitome of cool. I was wrong. The Phantom Frames kids' bikes on Kickstarter are cooler.

Phantom Frames are crafted from polycarbonate and light up from the inside with LEDs, so the whole frame of the bike is a glowing creation. It looks interesting in daylight, but darkness really makes it stand out. As a safety advancement, it's nifty. As an eye-catching ride, it's even better.

There are two frame options, the foggy-looking Ghost Frame or the crystal-clear Ice Frame. The "light pipe" inserts are powered by four AAA batteries. Backers also choose the LED color.

A $165 pledge includes the entire bike, not just the frame, so your kid will be ready to roll as soon as it arrives. Just be prepared to deal with some bike envy when you look at your youngster's bike compared with your boring old adult ride.

Phantom Frames bike
This should be hard to lose at night. Phantom Frames