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LeBron makes Galaxy Note 2 look reeeally small

In a new ad to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we follow LeBron James post-coronation. Goodness, does that phablet seem petite.

See, it's tiny. Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

LeBron James wants you to forget the fact that he said he was going to take his talents to Miami.

Samsung wants you to forget the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is quite big.

So in a marketing marriage of quite some convenience, the two have gotten together for mutual benefit.

I am grateful to TechCrunch for sizing up the new ad for the Galaxy Note 2, which attempts to turn LeBron James into, oh, Jesus Jordan.

He's friendly. He's lovely. He's a philanthropist. Yes, even though he's been a king from the very beginning.

And look at that lovely Galaxy Note 2.

Kids can use it. They can make funny drawings with it.

But it's only when you see it in LeBron's hand, pressed against his ear, that you feel like this little baby is truly a little baby.

It's just an ordinary phone with an extraordinary personality.

I played with the original Galaxy Note at this year's CES and found it charming in a slightly larger-than-life kind of way.

I wonder if I'd feel the same if I met LeBron.