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LeBron James complains about NBA app; NBA jumps

Technically Incorrect: All it takes is a powerful star to complain about the GameTime app and it's immediately seen to.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

When LeBron's not happy, the NBA's not happy.

When LeBron's not happy, the NBA's not happy.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Apps rarely attain perfection.

There's always some sort of annoyance about some part of the navigation or the display.

But what can you do? Many app developers don't believe in the concept of customer service.

Unless, of course, you're a star.

On Thursday, LeBron James expressed his annoyance about the NBA's GameTime app. No, he didn't call some developer to ask nicely for an adjustment.

Instead, the Cavaliers' star and fortunate NBA champion (Disclosure: I'm a Golden State Warriors fan) went to the place where everyone would hear: Twitter.

"@nba GameTime App 2016-2017 can we please fix the box score portion," he tweeted. "It's to [sic] challenging scrolling through it and remembering previous stats."

Note the remarkable politeness in using a word like "challenging."

James is a modern man. He doesn't want to have to try to remember things. Technology exists to save us from the strain.

You might imagine, though, that the NBA would take his gripes under advisement and mutter platitudes. But no. This is LeBron James suggesting in public that the NBA is digitally challenged.

On Friday, the NBA -- knees trembling, no doubt -- tweeted back to James: "Yup, we're on it. Dev team is working on an update today."

According to an NBA source, the adjustment requested by James was completed Friday night.

Power is something few can wield. The rest of us just warm the bench of life and hope to get a couple of minutes of playing time.