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Leave room for a snow cone

The Classic Snow Cone Cart combines presentation and convenience into one very large package. Others might wonder if a snow cone machine must include the cart.

Everybody has room for a snow cone.
Everybody has room for a snow cone. Hammacher Schlemmer

No matter how full one may be, most people would like to believe that there is always room for dessert. When the dessert in question is made mostly from water, it's almost hard to see how there could not be enough room. As for the contrivance that delivers the deliciousness, well, perhaps a little more room than expected will be needed.

The Classic Snow Cone Cart at Hammacher Schlemmer consists of a snow cone machine along with several 1-gallon syrup containers all rolled into one impressive display. The 65-pound cart and appliance measures 60 inches tall, 48 inches across, and has a depth of 18 inches. The grinder can produce up to 500 pounds per hour of shaved ice from standard, everyday ice cubes. (You do have a gigantic freezer, don't you?) A 4.5-inch power cord plugs into any regular AC outlet.

Kitchen appliances and gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. When that size happens to be extra-extra-large, then certainly some degree of commitment is needed even for the most open of areas. Snow cone aficionados need not worry about their $4,000 purchase; included along with all that is under the bright-red awning would be 1,000 wax-paper snow cone cups as well as 800 8-inch spoons. For those who aren't so sure they need so many snow cones in their life, perhaps the new (countertop-size) Waring SCM100 Pro Snow Cone Maker might be more appropriate. The snow cones will probably still taste just as good. Probably.