Leave Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones alone about his flip phone

Cameras caught Jerry Jones chatting on a flip phone in his luxury box during a game. Crave's Amanda Kooser defends his choice of tech.

Jerry Jones on phone
The screenshot that launched a Twitter snark-fest. Screenshot by Cork Gaines

Jerry Jones, billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team, has a flip phone.

This fact came to Twitter's attention thanks to a screenshot from Sunday's game posted by user Cork Gaines. It led to a considerable amount of mockery with people questioning why Jones doesn't use a few of his copious buckaroos to get an iPhone and hire someone to teach him how to use it.

Before we get too deep into this, I should confess I'm not a Cowboys fan. My two favorite teams are the Chicago Bears and whatever team happens to be playing the Cowboys. That's just the way my football fandom goes. Seeing evidence of Jones with a flip phone should have sent me into paroxysms of snarky joy.

Instead, I felt defensive on his behalf. He doesn't need me to stick up for him, but I kept thinking, "Let Jerry Jones have his retro flip phone." My mother has a flip phone. What does she need with a smartphone when she has a big awesome home computer for answering her e-mails and surfing the Web in comfort and on her own schedule?

Jones is so wealthy and busy, he doesn't need a smartphone. Why waste time with text messaging, IMing, or e-mailing on a phone? If he wants to send a message, he can just tell an assistant to get it to the right person and it will magically happen.

If Jones just wants to chat with family or chew out a player, all he needs is a flip phone. His phone probably has great voice quality and a long battery life, which he'll need when he rings up Tony Romo to discuss that game-killing interception.

I can talk about the practical nature of flip phones until my face turns Chicago-blue, but I suspect the heart of the matter is that I miss my old flip phones. I used them for days without plugging them in. I never activated buttons with my cheek. I dropped them on pavement, and they kept going. I used to hook them into my front pocket. They were pretty great.

Sure, I'm not about to give up my apps, e-mail, and touch screen, but I can give Jerry Jones a big thumbs-up for sticking to his guns and rocking a flip phone for the world to see. I just hope on December 9, when the Bears meet the Cowboys, he's using that phone to take his team to task for losing the game.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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