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Learning how to eat with Dal�'s Cutlery Set

Dalí's Cutlery Set offers up an exploration of ergonomics, and perhaps a little mealtime fun.

Back to basics with Dalí's Cutlery Set. designboom

Sometimes I get bored eating the same old way. Hold food with fork, cut with knife, scoop soup with spoon. I've been doing it for a while, so I've become pretty adept at it; very rarely, nowadays, do I (unintentionally) end up with food all over myself.

Although chopsticks may offer an occasional diversion from the drudgery of using a knife, fork, or spoon, I can't really claim them to be a true escape; I've been acclimated to the things since I was a kid. I need something new, and perhaps a bit dangerous to enjoy my meals. (And, no attending a Medieval Times show, where you eat with your fingers, is not quite what I have in mind here.)

Enter Dalí's Cutlery Set. Entered in the Designboom Dining in 2015 contest, these wacky utensils caught my eye as having the potential to bring a little more excitement to mealtime. They were hand forged and designed by Australian Matthew Wigzell.

Consider the advantages to using this set of utensils: they are ergonomically shaped, (well, they could be) and they are original without being too unfamiliar. I want to enjoy my meal, and these utensils look like they have a learning curve I can handle. Who knows? By trying to get through a meal with them, I might even start to understand a little bit of how Salvador Dalí viewed the world.