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Learn to save lives with useful iPhone app

An iPhone app that provides information on how to identify injuries and perform first aid and CPR on victims.

You're obviously incredibly fortunate if you are helped in a life-or-death situation, but being on the giving end of such emergencies is very satisfying, too. Now, with Pocket First Aid & CPR, you can make sure to be ready the next time you are called upon to save someone.

Dong Ngo/CNET

Pocket First Aid & CPR was created by the American Heart Association in collaboration with Jive Media.

It's is a 65MB application (so make sure you install it via iTunes or a Wi-Fi connection) that features hundreds of pages of text and illustrations, with topics ranging from CPR and choking to bites, bruises, burns, seizures, and diabetic emergencies.

The app also features detailed and high-quality video demonstrations showing how to respond in critical first-aid situations. These include instructions for taking care of someone who is choking, giving CPR, responding to seizures, and treating cuts and wounds.

I personally like the section about choking and breathing problems, as those are common emergencies that require immediate assistance.

It's important to note that the application is not designed to be used in an emergency, but rather is something for you to study during idle time. Unlike the Human Atlas app that requires an active Internet connection to use, Pocket First Aid & CPR works completely offline, thus making it a useful time-killer during a long flight.

The app also comes with a section in which you can enter personal medical information, such as emergency contacts, allergies, current medications, and insurance information, for quick access in an emergency. The information is stored on your individual phone only and is deleted if the application is removed from the phone.

Pocket First Aid & CPR works with iPhones and iPod Touches and is available at Apple's App Store for $3.99. That price will be entirely justified the first time you are able to take the lessons in this app and successfully apply them. Saving a life: priceless.