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Learn the secrets of HDR photography

xTrain launches an online high dynamic range (HDR) photography course.


Want to learn the secrets to creating beautiful HDR photographs? xTrain, a provider of online video training courses has announced a new high dynamic range (HDR) Mastery online video course by Photoshop expert Ben Willmore. HDR is the process of taking a sequence of exposures, allowing you to lighten the underexposed areas and darken the overexposed areas of a digital image to better simulate what the human eye would actually see.

The online course shows learners step-by-step the best practices of creating HDR photos. Students learn how to best choose subjects for HDR, such as watching for movement and clouds, and when to find the ideal light for HDR. Ben Willmore's HDR Mastery course is divided into four classes: shooting for HDR, merging exposures, processing HDR files, and enhancement. The cost is $79 to enroll. Monthly and yearly subscriptions that provide unlimited access to xTrain courses are also available.

Note: following along with the course requires PhotoMatix Pro software, which can be found at for $99. PhotoMatix Pro is what is used in the course to create the HDR photos. Having Adobe Photoshop also is very helpful to follow along, but not essential.