Learn how to drive...with your Nintendo DS?

Learn how to drive on your Nintendo?

Cars and the Nintendo DS will soon be a less dangerous, and more education experience. CNET Networks / Josh Lowensohn

Soon drivers manuals made out of paper will be a thing of the past. At least that's what DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD Productions are hoping with the upcoming Nintendo DS title Drivers Ed Portable.

DS owners who purchase the title will get a complete training system for the written portion of their state's driving exam, along with three smaller gaming elements that have been designed to put those skills to use in a safe, virtual environment. The game isn't limited to the U.S. either--there are also training modes for Canada and most of Europe with localized rules that are then reflected in the mini-games.

DreamCatcher Games might be most well known for its shooter series Painkiller, which helped spawn gaming celebrity Johnathan Wendel, also known as Fatal1ty. Presumably Drivers Ed Portable involves less shooting and more parallel parking.

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