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Learn how to cook from the microwave

The Dacor DMW2420S Distinctive 24-inch microwave has unique features to assists cooks of all levels.

The microwave that cooks for you in more ways than one.
The microwave that cooks for you in more ways than one. Dacor

The microwave doesn't have a particularly great reputation for producing quality meals. Sometimes, this isn't necessarily even the fault of the appliance. Cooks of any and all levels attack the box, subjecting it to creations both good and bad alike. While many a recipe of dubious heritage has gleaned the inner walls of microwaves everywhere, it is not uncommon for the microwave to be used for great cooking. It's just a matter of users knowing what they are doing. Well, users or the microwave itself, that is.

The Dacor DMW2420S Distinctive 24-inch microwave has advanced features that can even tell you how to cook. All the popular features are included; a reheat button will be found, as well as a popcorn setting. It's what is behind those buttons (and others) that is interesting. A sensor integrated into the unit keeps track of moisture and humidity and adjusts cooking time and power accordingly. With the microwave automatically compensating, guesswork is taken out of the equation, providing consistent results every time.

Another unique feature on this microwave is its capability to actually provide menu instructions. A set of functions, called Menu Options, are directly on the main control panel and include Breakfast, Lunch, 15 Minute Recipes, Defrost, From the Pantry, and Beverages. These are unique in that each option allows for the ability to create specific meals under that heading. For example, to make Hawaiian Pork, a user would select 15 Minute Recipes and then select No. 2 to initiate the recipe. (Don't worry, a cheat sheet is printed directly on the microwave door.) At that point the user will be directed via the display--complete with pauses for mixing, stirring, and the like. And of course, the microwave still works the old-fashioned way, too: just pop in some food, turn it on high, and check it every once in a while.