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Learn sign language with more than 2,000 GIFs from Giphy

The GIFs are like moving flash cards for those wanting to express themselves non-verbally.


Turns out GIFs are can educational, especially if you want to learn a sign language.

Giphy, an online search engine and library for animated pictures, released Thursday more than 2,000 GIFs that represent words and phrases of American Sign Language, reported Mashable. Each GIF is a short looping video of sign language educator Robert Demayo signing a word or phrase repeatedly. Some of them are just simple gestures, other can be series of intricate motions.

The GIFs are organized by categories like expressions, emotions, sport, holidays, family and so on. All of them are fun to look at and even if you don't want to learn the sign language. They sure come in handy when you want to express yourself with sass.