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Learn 5 new languages with a lifetime Mondly subscription for $59.99

Normally $48 for just one year, top-rated Mondly could be the last language app you'll ever need. Plus: a selfie-stick deal? It's true!


Mondly offers instruction in over 30 languages, and your lifetime subscription entitles you to lifetime learning of five of them.


I speak enough French to get by, and for some reason I thought that foundation would help me during a recent vacation to Italy. It did not. (It's like those Italians have a different word for everything!)

Needless to say, whether you want to be a world traveler, gain an edge when applying for a job, or impress a date at that French bistro, it pays to learn extra languages. Fortunately, with this deal, you don't have to pay much.

For a limited time, CNET's sister site ZDNet Academy is offering a lifetime Mondly language-instruction subscription with five languages for $59.99. That's after applying promo code LANG10 at checkout -- an extra $10 off the already-amazing sale price. Mondly usually charges $47.99 for a single year.

If you've already investigated app-based language instruction, you're no doubt familiar with Duolingo -- a great solution, no question, and free as well.

The free version, however, has its limitations (to say nothing of ads, blech). For an ad-free, full-featured experience, you need Duolingo Plus, which costs $10 per month. I'm not saying you shouldn't try that first, simply that dollar for dollar, Mondly affords a lot more value.

I haven't tried it myself (still got a lot of saving to do before my next international vacation), but here's a pretty telling stat: The Android and iOS versions of the app each have a 4.7-star rating -- from 6,600 users of the latter and over 100,000 (!) users of the former. 

If you're serious about learning new languages, this is a seriously affordable way to get convenient instruction.

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This selfie stick doubles as a tripod and comes with a Bluetooth shutter-release button.


Bonus deal: I don't understand all the hatred for selfie sticks. During the aforementioned Italy trip, there were countless times I wished I'd brought one. When you're trying to fit your family and the Colosseum into a photo, an arm just isn't long enough.

So, laugh if you want, but here's a deal on one: The Leelbox selfie stick with tripod and remote for $12.99 with promo code 32PPGUWP. There are roughly 10.2 million similar products on Amazon, but many, if not most, sell for $20 or more. (This one: normally $22.)

I like this particular stick because it doubles as a tripod: The feet fold right out from the base. Plus, there's a removable Bluetooth remote for triggering the camera shutter.

Now for the funny part: Once again, Fakespot and ReviewMeta are completely at odds with regard to the 20 user reviews. But, once again, I'll remind you that questionable reviews don't necessarily indicate a bad product.

For $13 out the door, I'm thinking I'll grab one of these for my next trip. Curse my too-short arms!

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