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Leap Motion creator: It gives you Jedi powers

Leap CTO David Holz says it's easy to be like Yoda with the forthcoming motion controller.

Leap makes it possible to be both a virtual Jedi and a Fruit Ninja. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

AUSTIN, Texas--The creator of the forthcoming Leap Motion controller sees his baby as much more than just a Kinect on steroids; he sees it as a tool that will enable us to do things in the real world that so far have been restricted to the realms of imagination and science fiction.

Translation: This thing will finally transform us all into Jedis and strengthen the Force within. Well, sort of.

During an on-stage demonstration of the technology here at South By Southwest Interactive over the weekend, Leap CTO and co-founder David Holz explained how the controller can be used to amplify motions, actions, and reactions, and make some of the old Jedi telekinetics tricks possible in a virtual space -- by using our real-world limbs.

Holz described how surprisingly real it felt to use the Leap controller in conjunction with a head-mounted virtual reality display to manipulate a rudimentary digital representation of his hand. He reported that he felt the same sort of emotional and physical attachments to his digital hand as if he were looking at the real thing.

For Holz, this hints at much greater potential.

"In the modern world, we have been limited to what's around us... lumber, steel, etc. Now we are only limited to what's in our mind," he told the audience.

The force is strong within that one, indeed.