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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap reveals Android galore

T-Mobile customers, prepare yourself for an avalanche of new devices. The carrier looks to have no less than 10 Android devices scheduled for October and November alone.

T-Mobile hopes to have the 'droids you're looking for this fall. TmoNews

T-Mobile's fall roadmap landed online earlier this week, tipping the carrier's device plans for October and November. Judging by the look of things, T-Mobile is betting heavily on Android for smartphones and tablets as the fourth quarter gets underway.

Two of the handsets listed, the HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II, were recently announced by T-Mobile and will be available on October 12. According to the roadmap, there will be a third smartphone arriving a few days later on October 19 in the form of a Huawei "Wayne." Considering the $99 price (with contract), it stands to reason that the phone will not be as hardware heavy as its HTC and Samsung brethren.

The following week, on October 26, we could see T-Mobile bow the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet with a $399.99 price tag. Some readers may recall the carrier recently revealed that the Honeycomb tablet would be arriving in the coming weeks.

Jumping ahead to November 2, we have five devices on the horizon, including a trio from LG. The first two, the Maxx QWERTY and Maxx Touch were spotted way back in May in another leaked roadmap. These two handsets appear to be LG's take on the carrier's popular myTouch series of phones with one being touch only and the other offering a QWERTY keyboard. Given that each are priced at $129.99, I would not look for high-end specifications out of either model.

A third LG device called the Flip II is scheduled for November 2, and it looks to bring the sliding QWERTY with an unconventional secondary display along for the ride. First breaking cover back in June, the handset is expected to offer 4G connectivity and come with a $149 price tag.

A Samsung Ancora is also listed with a $99 sticker, which would suggest an entry-level Galaxy series phone. Factoring in the low price point, I would not be surprised if this was perhaps one of Samsung's W or Y models, since they are targeted at a younger demographic.

On the tablet front, November 2 should bring about the release of a $199 Huawei Tallsome. T-Mobile was recently rumored to be preparing this 7-inch Honeycomb tablet for an announcement at CTIA next week, with hardware that should include a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 16GB internal memory, dual cameras, and a 4,100mAh battery.

Staying with tablets, a Samsung Robin is slated for November 9, which appears to be a T-Mobile variation of newly announced the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Specifications for the $299 tablet will include Android 3.2 Honeycomb, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 802.11n wireless support, and HSPA+ connectivity. It's not immediately known whether this will be the 16GB or 32GB model, but my money is on the smaller of the two.

What do you think T-Mobile customers?