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Leaked Sony road map stirs up a dozen Android devices

Fresh off buying up the Ericsson portion of Sony Ericsson, Sony could have no fewer than 12 Android products in store for us in 2012.

This could be a sneak peek at Sony's Android plans for 2012. GSM Arena

Sony has plenty of Android in store for consumers in 2012, including at least a dozen products in the first nine months alone.

According to a newly leaked road map, the company already has code names, launch dates, and pricing for the 12 Android handsets. Starting with last week's Sony Xperia S and running through September, the leak--should it prove legitimate--hints at a pair of flagship models.

We should expect to see the Xperia S launch in March or April, followed shortly after by three additional models (Kumquat, Nypon, and Pepper). With prices ranging from $335 to $475, or 262 to 370 euros, it's difficult to forecast exactly what the hardware situation is for each. Specifications are scarce at this point, but rumors suggest that the Nypon will offer a 4-inch "WhiteMagic" display, while the Pepper could sport a 3.7-inch Reality Display.

The rest of 2012 is littered with models that range from as low as $180 to as high as $720. If pricing is any indicator, the Hayabusa ($632) and Mint I ($720) will be Sony's flagship models. Considering that it costs less than $700 to import an unlocked Galaxy Note into the United States, we may be in for something special come the middle of the year.

On the lower end of the spectrum, the Tapioca and Tapioca DS could succeed the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro.

Sony is already teasing its Mobile World Congress announcements for next month. Sony Ericsson

It's worth noting that not every one of these models will make its way to the United States, and I don't need to caution you not to take this schedule as gospel. Many of the products will likely end up in Europe, Asia, or Canada before landing stateside, if they ever do. Even so, schedules slip, so road maps like these aren't always written in stone.

On the other hand, it's possible that Sony will push for a larger U.S. presence, with more of these phones making it into a store near you than ever before. Either way, prepare yourself to see Sony Xperia phones, and not Sony Ericsson phones, since the company recently bought out Ericsson's share in their join mobile enterprise.

With Mobile World Congress but a few weeks away, and Sony already teasing a mobile showcase for the Xperia line, it's safe to bet we'll hear something on the Pepper, Kumquat, and Nypon, each slated for an April release.