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Leaked photos show 'space gray' iPad Mini model

New photos show what appear to be a darker gray-colored iPad Mini model, likely replacing last year's black iPad Mini.


French tech site NowhereElse, which has been a source of several Apple leaks in the past, has posted even more photos of what appears to be Apple's next iPad Mini model.

The latest is a new color, suggesting Apple plans to offer the same "space gray" color found on the iPhone 5S, and fifth-generation iPod Touch, likely replacing last year's black color. That's just what Apple has done with the 5S, a move that many believe is due to the gray color showing less signs of wear and tear over long-term use.

The photos are just the latest in a series to show off the casing, which appears nearly identical to last year's model. And like previous case leaks, these photos are just that -- not a fully functioning version of the device.

Apple is expected to keep the exact same form factor and likely the same screen size and resolution with the iPad Mini. That device is rumored to be appearing at an event on October 15. Last year Apple introduced new iPad models, including the inaugural Mini, on October 23.

As a frame of reference, here's last year's black, next to an earlier leak of the silver, second-generation iPad Mini casing:

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