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Leaked Nest security camera looks decidedly Dropcam-esque

Leaked mock-ups of a security camera called the "Nest Cam" could foreshadow next week's Nest event.

The new Nest Cam? Droid-Life

Earlier today Droid-Life shared photos of a never-before-seen camera it dubbed the "Nest Cam," as well as screen shots of a revamped Nest Android app that shows a consolidated list of the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest Protect, the "Nest Cam," the Dropcam Pro and the Dropcam HD.

This "universal" Nest and Dropcam app isn't particularly surprising, since Dropcam, which is owned by Nest, said that its users would need to register their cameras with Nest back in March. But the camera is slightly more mysterious, although some of that could get cleared up at the Nest press event planned for June 17.

In addition to shots of the "Nest Cam" and its related Android app, Droid-Life also offered some insight into potential features, like 1080p streaming and recording, a QR code setup and Bluetooth tech -- based off of the FCC filing.

Hopefully we'll learn more about this leaked Dropcam-a-like as soon as next week.