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Leaked LG Doubleplay shots show unique design

Two official-looking images of an upcoming LG handset give us a clear look at its unconventional keyboard.

Could T-Mobile and LG have gotten dual screens right with the upcoming Doubleplay?

A pair of press-ready images of an upcoming LG handset have surfaced, giving us a clear look at the unconventional keyboard with a secondary display. The pictures tell us that the phone, operating under the code name of LG Flip II, will carry the more official name of T-Mobile Doubleplay.

According to a recently leaked road map, this LG smartphone will arrive on November 2, alongside four additional Android devices., the source of these images, indicates that the handset will have a main 320x480-pixel touch screen, with a secondary screen sitting squarely in the middle of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Not much else is known about the Doubleplay aside from its expected $150 price tag and 4G support. However, this isn't the first time we've heard about the smartphone, as it first landed on our radar back in June when it was accidentally displayed at a London industry event.

We've seen a number of odd Android phone form factors over the years, including dual-screen devices like the Samsung Continuum and Kyocera Echo. Although these two didn't really seem to take off with their carriers, perhaps T-Mobile and LG may have better luck.