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Leaked images tease new 'Kindle Paperwhite'

Ahead of the expected unveiling of new Kindles next week, The Verge obtains images of what appear to depict the new e-reader.

New Kindle? The Verge

Amazon is widely expected to unveil new Kindles next week, and it looks like we have been treated to an early peek at the new e-readers.

Images obtained by The Verge show a device whose shape is largely unchanged from the previous generation of Kindles, although the button below the display has vanished and the bezel has darkened significantly. According to the images, though, the device promises "higher contrast, high resolution, integrated lighting, and eight weeks of battery life."

The images, apparently part of a promotional package aimed at French-speaking people, refer to "Kindle Paperwhite," although it's not clear if that is the device's new moniker. The name may also refer to the unit's new display, which seems brighter than the Pearl E Ink display used on previous Kindle generations.

The Verge did not indicate how it obtained the images. CNET has contacted Amazon for comment and will update this report when we learn more.

The Internet retail giant announced this morning that its popular Kindle Fire tablet had "sold out." The company is expected to announce new Kindles at a new product launch event on September 6.