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Leaked ad outs Sony Vaio U hybrid tablet PC

Authentic-looking advertisement suggests Sony will debut a tablet/laptop hybrid this year.

Hopefully this beauty won't cost a fortune. PocketNow

A supposed tablet/laptop hybrid PC from Sony made an appearance today in a leaked ad that appears very authentic.

The computer, known as the Vaio U series, reminds us of the concept hybrid computer shown by the Japanese company at CES this year. The information comes to us via a leaked flyer, courtesy of PocketNow, that contains little information other than various low-resolution angles of the hybrid PC. That doesn't stop us from figuring out several possible details, though.

Several things we think we can visually identify from the ad: left and right mouse buttons below a near full-size keyboard; a USB port on the right side; a front-facing camera; a Home-type button on the left; and a rear area that most likely contains a speaker panel like the CES prototype (which you can investigate in more depth in the gallery below). Overall, the sleek aesthetics of the hybrid PC in the ad reeks of classic Sony minimalism, though we wish the bezel didn't look so large.

As for the operating system, we can merely speculate for now. Windows 8 seems like a great fit and obvious choice for the Vaio U series. Do you think Sony would surprise everyone and offer a dual-boot Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) option as well?