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Lazy Susan likes electric fondue

The Cuisinart CF0-1000 Lazy Susan Electric Fondue features a fun design. Individual serving cups rotate about the device on a moveable ring.

If only all appliances were orbited by food.
If only all appliances were orbited by food. Cuisinart

Fondue is fun. Relaxing with family and friends over a warm pot of bubbling deliciousness is something meant to be enjoyed at its own pace (assuming the participants can agree on what to put in the pot). The shape of a fondue party, being one that can be either sweet or savory, can take on its own structure, yet the jostling for ingredients always remains the same. Unless, of course, the ingredients come to you.

The Cuisinart CF0-1000 Lazy Susan Electric Fondue ($79.99) is a fun, countertop device orbited by moveable ingredient trays. Featuring a built-in electric heating element in the base, the easy-to-use appliance is capable of not only chocolate or cheese fondue, but it can also be filled with oil or broth. The detachable thermostat controls a range of temperatures while the lazy Susan ring keeps each of the four ingredient trays hovering about an inch above the tabletop surface.

It just wouldn't be fondue if fondue forks weren't included, and this set delivers with a batch of eight individually colored stainless steel utensils. The set comes with a notched fork collar inside the pot as well as a glass lid for those extended fondue sessions. The interior of the 3-quart stainless steel pot is nonstick, so the appliance is not only easy to set up and enjoy, but easy to clean up after, too.