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Lazy Sunday tablecloth pants: Kid-tested, slob-approved

Lazy bums the world over rejoice over Lazy Sunday tablecloth sweatpants.

Lazy bums rejoice over tablecloth sweatpants Mitemite

I know these are still in beta, and I'm all for silly fashion statements, but I have to take a second to expound on the ridiculousness of these "Lazy Sunday Pants."

To the layman, these pants by Spanish design studio Mitemite appear to be your normal pair of loungey sweatpants, perfect for wearing outside to wash the car or get a quick bite at a local McDonalds, right?

Nope. Take a look again, but this time use your lazy eye. The pants come with their own built-in remote control pocket, and that's not even the best part. They also feature little red and white gingham tablecloths that Velcro onto your lap for worry-free dining.

Now aside from the fact that you could save yourself some dough and just use, uh, any piece of cloth ever to cover your lap, I'm wondering what kind of person would get real use out of this. How big of a slob do you have to be to need this kind of double-layer protection? Is our species so lazy that we'd rather have detachable clothing instead of just throwing a whole pair of pants in the wash?

I'm disgusted and ashamed, although I'm sure feral children everywhere are furiously crawling their way to Spain right now to get a pair. Everyone else should get off their butt and just grab a napkin.