Lazy blogger tool Zemanta adds MySpace support and more

Zemanta goes after social networks including MySpace.

Hot on the heels of Monday's look at Apture, competitor Zemanta has pushed out an update to include several new publishing platforms--one of them being MySpace, a site with over 100 million registered users. It's a good bet a chunk of those active users are taking advantage of the service's built-in blogging tool instead of going to another service like WordPress or LiveJournal.

Once installed, writing a blog post on the popular social network can be sped up if you take advantage of its auto-linking, tagging, and image finding capabilities.

The core service still remains largely the same, but Tuesday morning the re-blog feature, which was introduced early last month, has been tweaked. Re-blogging someone else's post using Zemanta is now a one-click effort, down from a small series of menus. It also better integrates with Tumblr, one of the new publishing platforms introduced Tuesday from which the feature was already borrowed and uses the same large quotation marks to set off what you're pulling from a source. This will also show up better in feed readers, where it would previously not be set apart from regular blog musings.

Other services added besides MySpace and Tumblr include Ning and Drupal--the latter requiring the use of a plug-in which works the same way as the ones for WordPress and MovableType.

Make MySpace blogging a quicker affair with Zemanta, which adds links and photos from the Web for you. Zemanta Ltd.
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