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Lawyer sues exes over unkind words on Web

He alleges that the two women have rather prominently defamed him. Now we will see whether hell hath no fury like a TV lawyer scorned.

When lovers fall out, the consequences can be painful, especially now that we have the megaphone called the Web.

Matthew Couloute Jr., a lawyer from Jacksonville, Fla., claims that the megaphone has caused him untold suffering. Now he's telling. And suing.

For when you perform a Google search upon his distinctive name, the first result you get is a link to a page on devoted to him.

This is a site where the scorned express their scorn, where the hurt try to, well, hurt.

So, as Above the Law tells me, Couoloute Jr. has taken out a lawsuit against two of his exes: Amanda Ryncarz and Stacey Blitsch. The former admits she posted to the site, the latter denies.

You might imagine that a lawyer knows what he can sue for and what not. On the other hand, he knows when he has a formidable adversary. Oh, I'm not just talking about the two exes. I'm talking about Gloria Allred, who is representing them. She is the lawyer who makes small men quake and grown men small men.

"It seems ironic that men can lie and cheat and then look to the courts for legal protection," Allred told Fox News. She contends that the postings represent free speech.

Couloute Jr.'s response: "You don't have the right to defame people on the Internet. It's wrong."

He claims that he and his wife--he's now married--have had serious issues because of these postings.

"People have even, when we went to buy a house--my wife and I--we've had problems with home owners selling us their house," Couloute Jr. told Fox News.

I am sure that Court TV might enjoy these proceedings, even as so many who post negative things about others online might tremble a little.

Oddly enough, Couloute Jr. has appeared on Court TV as an analyst. Now we will see whether hell hath no fury like a TV lawyer scorned.

Gloria Allred Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET