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Latest Sprint promo undercuts competitors with 12GB shared data

A limited-time promotion has Sprint granting 12GB of shared data for $90 per month. Naturally, the deal comes with a few caveats.

A limited-time deal sees Sprint offering more data than competitors, and at a lower cost. Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET

Sprint introduced a new, limited-time rate on Friday as part of its Family Share Pack rate plans. Available immediately, customers can share up to 12GB of high-speed data for $90 per month. Also included in the deal, of course, are unlimited talk and text.

Those who opt for the promotional plan will also save on the data access charge that comes with each device. Normally $25 per handset, Sprint has dropped the cost to $15 for each phone. The access fee for tablets is $10 per month, while other mobile broadband devices cost $20 per month.

For the sake of comparison, T-Mobile will currently give you a 10GB shared plan for four lines for $100 per month. AT&T and Verizon both provide 10GB options for $160 per month. These charges do not factor in access fees or equipment costs.

As an added incentive, customers who port their number to Sprint will see the data access fee waived for each device for up to a year. A family of four, for example, would save $720 over the course of 12 months. The carrier is still paying early termination fees (up to $350 per line) for customers who cancel their contract with other providers.

There are a few finer details worth noting. For starters, the 12GB option will only be available through March 12, 2015. Also, subscribers must purchase devices through Easy Pay or Sprint Lease to be eligible for the discounted data access fees.