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Latest Olympus FE cameras use microSD

MicroSD isn't the best choice for a camera, but it's better than xD.

Olympus' trio of Fall FE cameras, the company's budget snapshooters, don't break any new ground but they're shiny and come in bright colors. Most notably, they all offer dual card slots so that your not forced to use Olympus'/Fujifilm's xD-Picture cards. However, instead of using SD, they incorporate microSD; it's fine for phones, where you leave it in, but is really too physically small to be a good media type for devices where you frequently handle it. It's simply too easy to lose.

All three use 12-megapixel sensors and 2.7-inch LCDs, plus incorporate a subset of Olympus' Art Filters--Pop Art, Fish Eye and Wedding (Soft Focus), plus Pin Hole on the FE-5020--here redubbed Magic Filters. There's also a new AF tracking capability.

The cheapest model, the FE-46, runs a mere $99 and has a 36-180mm-equivalent 5X zoom lens. It runs off 2 AA batteries and comes in pink, blue, white and black. The $149.99 FE-4000 sports a 26.3-105mm-equivalent 4x zoom lens and comes in gray, magenta, white and blue. For $10 more, the $159.99 FE-5020 bumps up to a 5x zoom 24-120mm-equivalent lens. You can get that in black or wine red. All will be available in September.