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Latest fashion gadget: Hearing aids?

Boomers will call them 'Personal Communication Aids.'

Mobile Magazine

It's not unusual--and a good thing, in our opinion--for designers to come up with ways to de-stigmatize diseases, as we've seen with such products as fashionable asthma inhaler cases. What we didn't anticipate, though, was that hearing aids would be the next cause.

Although they may look like new Bluetooth headsets, the items pictured here are actually "Personal Communication Aids" created by the Phonak Group, which describes them as "the ultimate high-tech accessory," according to Inventor Spot. The Swiss company is apparently targeting those Boomers who actually believe that stuff about 50 being the new 37 or whatever.

The devices do enhance sound quality as well as sheer volume, according to the company, so some will undoubtedly try to pass them off as super-high-end headsets. And why not? At prices between $1,500 and $3,500, buyers should be able to call them whatever they want.