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Latest E-Ten Glofiish--a few downers

It's loaded with features but has limited memory.

Crave Asia

The QWERTY-enabled E-Ten M800 slider now has an official image and specifications, and everything said about it previously was true: It includes a VGA display, HSDPA connectivity, a SiRFstar III GPS chip and a 500MHz Samsung processor.

What wasn't confirmed then was the amount of RAM. We know now that it's a disappointing 64MB, just like the previous X800. Another interesting point we can see from the image is that it has touch-sensitive buttons under the display. We'll wait to see how well this latest Glofiish works after we handle one in the flesh, once it's distributed in Asia and Europe. Go to the M800's product page to see its full list of specs.

(Source: Crave Asia)