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Last-minute Mother's Day gifts

How to repay the gift of life? With tech!

Mother's Day is Sunday, people. And while my own dear Mother should be receiving something in the mail tomorrow, I'm not always this on top of things. So, with sympathy for those of you who are still looking for something a little gadget-y to give your mum this holiday, here's a shortlist of suggestions.

iPod Shuffle: This one's a no-brainer: it's inexpensive, and it comes in a lot of fun colors. It's flash-based and workout-friendly. Most importantly, it's widely available at retail stores. For bonus points, preload it with a playlist that you make just for her.

Flip Video Ultra: This budget digital camcorder can take 60 minutes of Web-quality video, and it's easy to use. Not bad for $130.

BlackBerry Pearl 8130: Tell your mom you bought her a pearl, then whip out this sleek smartphone. Just because she wants GPS and 3G support doesn't mean she should carry around a black brick.

Mio DigiWalker C230: If mom's new to GPS, she'd appreciate this easy-to-use navigation system. And it's so low-priced, you can even throw in a tank of gas.

Canon PowerShot A590 IS: Whether she's shooting travel pictures or documenting life with the children (or grandchildren), mom's got to have a good camera. This one costs less than $200 and takes great pictures. It's also got manual controls, if your mom likes to be a bit more hands-on with her camera settings.

Canon Pixma iP2600: You mother isn't still printing her photos on the freebie printer that came with her computer, is she? This model serves up some surprisingly decent photo prints, and it's dirt cheap. Bonus points for throwing in some photo paper so mom can start printing right away.

Did you get your mom a cool tech gift for Mother's Day? Help a procrastinator out and share it in the comments.