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Last-mile sharing has to stay

In response to the February 7 Perspectives column by Randolph J. May, "Will the real FCC please stand up?":

I work for a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier), and if Randy May gets his way, I and every other CLEC employee will be out of work. If the requirement to share the last-mile copper loop were eliminated, every CLEC would be out of business. The cost of duplicating the ILEC's last-mile network, which was built by a monopoly using taxpayer funds and guaranteed profits, would prohibit any company from being able to compete with the ILECs.

I do not disagree with everything he wrote, but the proposal to remove the last-mile from regulation is ludicrous beyond belief. How about publishing a more balanced editorial regarding the FCC's upcoming decision? Preferably, from someone whose cranium is not subjected to complete darkness due to its anatomical location.

Mike Bowman
Kansas City, Mo.