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'Last Man on the Moon' trailer promises fascinating tale

Watch this promo for "The Last Man on the Moon," a documentary of the life of Gene Cernan, the last man to step foot on the moon.

Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Many (including me) harbor a childhood dream of someday becoming an astronaut and walking on the moon. That dream became reality for Eugene "Gene" Cernan, an Apollo 17 astronaut who in December 1972 returned to the Lunar Module after a nearly three-day mission on the surface of the moon. Since Cernan, no man has stepped foot on the moon, cementing Cernan's standing as the last man on the moon.

Soon, the world will know his story. A UK-based Mark Stewart Productions documentary titled "The Last Man on the Moon" tells the tale of Apollo 17, complete with first-hand accounts from Cernan, his family, and several fellow astronauts. Mark Stewart Productions has started screening the film across the UK, with a more widespread UK release coming soon.

The trailer for "The Last Man on the Moon" has us excited to don our imaginary space helmets and relive our childhood dreams.

(Via io9)