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These might be the 'Last Jedi' spoilers you're looking for

Want to know Luke's possible first words? Footage for the highly anticipated film showed at the Disney shareholders meeting.

Luke Skywalker's line has started up the "Last Jedi" rumor mill again.


Warning: If you don't want possible spoilers for "The Last Jedi," turn around now and head back to Mos Eisley.

Luke Skywalker didn't get to say anything in 2015's "The Force Awakens," but when "The Last Jedi" comes out this December, that silence should end.

On Wednesday, at Disney's annual shareholder meeting in Denver, attendees were treated to a tiny snippet of "Jedi," the L.A. Times reports.

It started off as a joke, reporter Daniel Miller tweeted, but then apparently bits of real footage were shown.

Naturally, it's Luke's "Who are you?" line to Rey that has fans cranking up the rumor mill. (Google "Luke-Rey relationship" if you've somehow been kept in the dark and want to read various fan theories.)

But there is precedence for people -- even relatives -- not recognizing each other in the Star Wars saga. Twins Luke and Leia were separated at birth, of course, and it seems likely that if Luke and Rey do have a family relationship, it's been a decade-plus since they saw each other, and she's grown up a lot.

Disney Chairman Bob Iger also acknowledged the loss of Carrie Fisher, who died on Dec. 27, but had already filmed her "Jedi" scenes.

"We all miss her," Iger said. "She has great talent and wit. We're proud that this movie coming up is part of her legacy."

"The Last Jedi" comes to US and UK theaters Dec. 15, 2017. No Australia release date has been announced.

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