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Culture gets a makeover, but can't stay standing

The CBS Interactive-owned social music site has redesigned and made it easier to discover new music, but has been plagued by bugs and server outages with its debut.

A look at the new homepage.

Social music site has unveiled a new look: a slick new design, an iPhone app, a partnership with Logitech to stream music to compatible home stereo systems, and a host of new features.

With the new features, members can receive music recommendations instantly by naming a few bands and artists they like. Previously, they had to hook up their music libraries so that the site's engine, or "scrobbler," could read and analyze what songs they'd listened to recently. The site's music charts now also update in near-real time.

Unfortunately, when I tried to load the new, the site had crashed. TechCrunch's Erick Schonfeld said he experienced problems, too. (Update at 12:33 p.m. PDT: the site loads but unreliably.)

That said, we certainly have seen recently that server outages aren't limited to Twitter. Ironically, I managed to get's iPhone app working just fine.

(Disclosure: is owned by CNET News parent company CBS Interactive.)