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Culture creates OpenSocial application for Ning

The music discovery site creates one of the highest-profile applications to date for Google's new social media platform, but it's only compatible with one partner site so far.

The launch of Google's OpenSocial platform earlier this month might have been more PR than anything, as many of the third-party partners implementing the new developer standard won't be releasing anything for months.

Instead, OpenSocial-related announcements have been rolling out slowly: one of the latest is that social music site has created OpenSocial widgets designed for use on Ning, a site that allows any person or business to create a specialized social network. (According to Ning, more than 123,000 networks have been created so far.)

A application on a Ning profile Ning

Ning network creators and members can now install the music application into Ning pages. It can display the top artists they've listened to, songs they've played recently, a custom list, or a player to hear recommended music. was acquired by CBS Interactive earlier this year. Up next, the music site will be tweaking its OpenSocial application for other OpenSocial participants, like Bebo, MySpace, and Friendster.