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Last chance for JBoss Innovation Award submissions

Have something cool to show that you've done with JBoss? Here's your chance to be wildly famous. Or something like that.

Looking for your 15 minutes of fame? Here's your chance: Red Hat will soon be closing its JBoss Innovation Awards submission process. Friday, December 14, is the final day. I'll be helping to judge the Awards, and am looking forward to it. I helped with the Red Hat Innovation Awards earlier this year, and found it fascinating to see how organizations are using open-source software to solve critical business problems.

The awards program recognizes individuals, project teams, and companies for technical achievements that show both creative thinking and determined problem solving with JBoss solutions. We want to hear how you have used JBoss solutions and technologies to improve existing processes, overcome technology challenges, and enhance your company's bottom line.

Be sure to submit something. Also take a look at Sun's Open Source Community Innovation Award program. Between the two, open-source developers need never want for attention and love again.