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Last call: Let's see your geeky tattoos

If you have some permanent graphical proof of your geek life, we want to see it. All of it.

Double damage, y'all. Critical hit! Matt Hickey

See that beauty to the right? That's my boss new D20 tattoo. It shows my love for D&D--for life.

And remember last week when I asked you, Crave readers, to send in your own geeky tattoos? No? I did. And you've sent in some highly awesome specimens that we can't wait to share. But we know there have to be even more of you with permanent graphical proof of your geek lives out there, so this is a last call.

In the next few days, we'll be posting a badass gallery of our readers' badass tattoos. If you have one, and you want to join in the inky fun, e-mail a photo of your tattoo to crave at cnet dot com with "tattoo" as the subject. Be sure to include your full name and location and feel free to tell us why your marking's important to you. Your deadline? Wednesday at midnight PDT.

And after-they've-healed tattoos are better, people. We don't want to bloody up Crave too much.