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Laser tanks for sadists

Give (and get) shocks with every 'hit'


If you're into sado-masochistic gaming (that's enough information, thank you), you might be interested in this next item. Picking up where the "Shocking Duel" leaves off, the "R/C Laser Tag Shocking Tanks" uses the general concept--giving the enemy a physical shock with each "hit"--but without having to encounter your opponent face to face.

By remote control, the tanks shoot at each other with lasers shot from built-in infra-red cannons. If one of your beams strikes the opposing tank, its controller will receive an electric shock pass along to its human operator. You can even choose from two shock levels, just to make things interesting.

And in case the competition gets too intense, the controller's have built-in wrist straps to keep them from being dropped to the floor. Although not specified in the product literature, we're guessing that these devices aren't recommended for people with pacemakers.