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Lars and Ivan's excellent iPod adventure

It's weird, and it has no speakers, but we still like it.


The "Lars & Ivan Hybrid iPod Dock" is unusual for at least three reasons: 1) It doesn't have built-in speakers, instead opting to provide a 40-watt amp to boost your own set; 2) it looks like something left over from a Star Wars set, perhaps even the result of a misguided experiment involving the top of R2-D2's head; and 3) it's named the Lars & Ivan Hybrid iPod Dock. (We can live with the first two, but we're not sure about the third.)

Not exactly Best Buy mainstays, Lars and Ivan are peddling their wares at a Belgium site called Designgadgets, which appears to feature various other products from outer space. That's what we think they are, anyway. As for the iPod dock, Technabob says you can get it for about for about $342, abdominal probe not included.