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Larry Lessig for Congress? I hope not

Larry Lessig is a friend. That's why I hope he won't run for office.

Larry Lessig was my thesis advisor at Stanford Law School and one of the most influential people in my life. I have profound respect for him.

This is precisely why I hope the rumors that he may run for Congress are untrue. Think about it. It's hard enough for a Senator - one of 100 - to make her voice heard. But to be one of 435 Representatives? That's an exercise in futility.

No, Larry has a much better chance of changing Washington from the outside than from the inside. Idealism counts outside Washington. It gets crushed within Washington, as Jimmy Stewart's "Mr. Smith" might tell you. I'm not sure I would wish the tortuous process of turning ideals into laws on my worst enemy, so why wish it for Larry?

Larry isn't dead. It's not time to bury him. His voice sounds better rifling into Congress than whimpering from within Congress. His presentation style is better spent endorsing candidates than in being one.