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Larceny suspect butt-dials 911

Three suspects are reportedly caught allegedly discussing break-ins when one of them happens to have his cell phone in the wrong position and, police say, butt-dials 911. The dispatchers listen in.

Too much pressure can lead to too much trouble. CC Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged/Flickr

Fortune doesn't always favor the butt-dialer. In fact, has any butt-dial ever enjoyed a good result?

I ask because I bring you news of someone who might be another victim of butt-awful fate.

According to the Associated Press, three men with seemingly ill-intentions were discussing stealing things from people's houses in upstate New York.

It so happened that one of them enjoyed perhaps an imperfect lock on his cell phone. Or perhaps, he had his body positioned in such a way that the cell phone was activated.

In any case, it seems that this activation led to a magical key or two being depressed--to 911.

Kevin Walsh, sheriff of Onondaga County, told the AP that the alleged miscreants were driving not far from a place they had robbed some time previously.

This, perhaps, stimulated them to discuss further illegal actions and even their location (there is no evidence they were using an iPhone), a discussion that was relayed immediately to 911 dispatchers.

Unfortunately, the sheriff reportedly said that not only did the alleged larcenists discuss their nefarious plans, but they also saw a police car and uttered the words: "There go the cops now."

It seems that those cops then turned around and stopped the Kia Sportage in which the butt-dialer was seated with his friends. Oddly, it is alleged that stolen goods were found in the car. The gentlemen have been charged with grand larceny and being in possession of property that was not theirs.

So, please, if it is your intention to rob someone's house or perhaps hack a large company's servers this weekend (and I do not recommend such things), please ensure that your cell phone is safely tucked away where no bodily pressure can set off untoward consequences.