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Lara Croft uses Beats by Dr Dre headphones, and an iPhone 4

Tomb Raider star Lara Croft has been spotted rocking a set of red Beats by Dr Dre headphones in her latest outing, as well as what looks suspiciously like an iPhone 4.

Here's an odd one -- while perusing the E3 trailer for the new Tomb Raider game, we noticed that iconic pistol-packing heroine Lara Croft was using what are -- unmistakably -- Beats by Dr Dre headphones.

The iconic red ribbon cable tipped us off, but after a comical double-take we noticed that Miss Croft's headphones de choix also sport the Beats ControlTalk cable remote, which lets you control music playback and -- if you're using an iPhone -- take calls as well. That makes these action-packed 'buds the Beats by Dr Dre Tours.

Freezing the video a moment later we spied the headphones from the side, where (if you squint) you can see the round silver disk that adorns the side of each earbud.

Cementing her character as a well-to-do young trendy, Lara also appears to be using an iPhone 4 to crank out her tunes. We can't hear what she's listening to sadly, but your speculation is welcome (we think it's probably Ke$ha). Lara's clearly a woman who cares about call quality though -- she's fending off the iPhone 4's antenna issues with a rubbery-looking bumper.

The new game, which is simply titled Tomb Raider, charts Lara's first adventure as a bright young graduate. Seeking fortune and glory, her boat is shipwrecked off an island, and she's forced to survive with no tools or equipment. Presumably this means her bodacious Beats 'buds are lost to the briny depths. In any case, they probably wouldn't work very well after shipping so much sea water.

We don't know whether manufacturer Monster is behind the cameo, or whether the artists at Square Enix (the studio making the game) just decided to use the Beats likeness. And we're not sure how this fits with the Tomb Raider timeline either -- this game's supposed to be set before Lara's first game, which came out in 1996.

We've embedded the trailer below so you can check it out for yourself. Just try and ignore the horrible dialogue.

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