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Laptop sleeve is a hoarder's worst enemy

It has only three pockets to stuff things in.

Built NY

This is one of those items that might look goofy at first but then, after some thought, might just make sense. All too often, messenger bags and other laptop totes are just excuses to carry around junk you don't really need. That can result in scratches and dents to your computer or, far worse, a bag that's so heavy it gets dropped or topples off a desk because of gross weight imbalance.

For the true road warrior who survives with only the essentials, the Cargo Laptop Sleeve from Built NY provides space for all the gear that's needed. The neoprene zip case has three pockets for a mouse, USB drive, portable hard drive, or anything else that can fit in them, according to Gadget Lab. It also claims says its zigzag stitching improves water resistance, which will help protect against the occasional macchiato spill.