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Laptop package makes a fashion statement

Women's e-tailer bundles Samsung Q45 with designer "Chili Pepper" bag.

Shiny Shiny

The laptop bag has spawned an entire fashion industry unto itself, so some retailers are taking the marketing concept a step further by selling matching sets of computers and cases together. The strategy could be questionable in the hands of the wrong design team, but one U.K.-based online retailer seems to have done it right.

21st Century Diva--whose motto is "Stylish IT for Women"--has bundled an attractive red Samsung Q45 with a matching "Chili Pepper" designer bag, which by itself usually retails for more than $250, according to Shiny Shiny. The 12.1-inch laptop's specs are fairly standard, but that's the sacrifice that the aspiring fashionista must make.

Eagle-eyed Craver Erica Ogg observes, however, that the laptop's lid appears oddly out of proportion with the rest of the computer in this photo. We hope for its sake that it's just an unfortunate distortion, for an overbite would be an obvious deal-breaker on the runway.