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Laptop may save posture, not money

$3,000 'FlyBook' has telescoping screen

You're a road warrior, and your laptop is getting dangerously close to becoming your best friend. But this relationship is giving you neck and shoulder pains, and you're not going to take it lying down anymore.


That's why your head will undoubtedly be turned (albeit creakily) by the "FlyBook VM" from Tokyo-based Dialogue. This lightweight laptop (3.6 pounds) is beautifully designed with a 12.1-inch that can be raised or lowered to your line of vision by a telescoping arm. We too were seduced by the sleek form and practical functionality of this digital siren until we saw how much it costs: nearly $3,000, according to OhGizmo.

The specs are decent but not worth that price, in our frugal opinion. So if you're looking for something that will improve your posture that's a lot more affordable, you might try this stand from Logitech. It may save money on chiropractor bills too.