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Laptop gets 14.1-inch screen

Twinhead will sell a laptop with a 14.1-inch display in Taiwan, the first on the market with a screen this large.

Twinhead will begin selling a laptop with a 14.1-inch display in Taiwan this July, the first on the market with a screen this large.

The largest LCD now available in a commercial notebook measures 13.3 inches diagonally. A 14.1-inch LCD would roughly approximate a 16- or 17-inch screen in viewable area.

Twinhead will use the system as its flagship model in a push to bypass Toshiba as the No. 1 notebook company in China, according to Taiwan's Commercial Times, which first reported the system.

The new notebook, which will start at $4,999, will run on a Pentium processor and include Intel's mobile module for upgrading to a Pentium II processor, according to the report.

The laptop's CD-ROM system has a modular design that allows users to interchange components, such as replacing the unit with a second battery for longer running times. A module that can hold a Toshiba-designed DVD drive will be available as well.

Twinhead also manufactures some notebooks sold under the Hewlett-Packard brand.