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Laptop bags look like 2D drawings

JumpFromPaper makes shoulder bags that appear to be two-dimensional cartoons but are roomy enough to hold a laptop.

Shoulder bags that look like cartoons (2D headphones not included). JumpFromPaper

In my youth I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons and wanted to be a part of their two-dimensional world. I even built myself a spaceship out of a cardboard box that I could sit inside and watch shows like "Battle of the Planets" and "Justice League of America."

Sadly, unlike cartoon characters, my clothes change (almost) every day and I'm prone to this thing called "aging." But thanks to a company called JumpFromPaper I can accessorize in 2D!

JumpFromPaper is a Taipei-based design duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin, who make a series of shoulder bags that appear to be two dimensional. While the bags look flat, the designers say they have Tardis-like qualities and are roomy enough to fit personal items including laptops.

The trick to this is the thick, black edging that gives the bags a children's book quality. Most of the designs are geared toward women, though the "Play Hooky" bag above is fairly unisex.

The designers have a U.S. Web site, and the bags can be yours for about $80 each. Do I want one? By the power of Greyskull, yes!