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Lapinator adds Mousitizer

Lapinator adds Mousitizer

No, we're not making these names up. About a year back, we reviewed a laptop accessory called the Lapinator. The 13-inch, insulated lap desk protects legs (and other regions) from the heat generated by laptops. We liked the Lapinator, but we didn't like that it lacked a mousing surface.

A couple of days ago, we received a package in the mail from the kind folks at Lapinator, and to our delight, they've developed the Mousitizer, a plastic mousing surface that slides onto the side of the Lapinator. The accessory is easy to attach, and it can be affixed to the left or right side of the Lapinator. The Mousitizer is surprisingly stable, and with a 6-by-8-inch mousing area, it's large enough to handle a full-size mouse. It's also lightweight, only 5 ounces, maintaining the Lapinator set's travel-friendly size and weight. The Mousitizer is backwards compatible; it'll fit on any Lapinator, new or old.

The folks at Lapinator also added the 18-inch version Lapinator Plus to the product line. This larger version of the original weighs just more than a pound and should appeal to users of larger laptops.

Both the Mousitizer and the Lapinator Plus are available at lapinator.com for $9.99 and $29.95, respectively.