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Lance Armstrong launches health and fitness site, sort of

Demand Media has launched, dedicated to health and fitness knowledge and goal-setting, in conjunction with the champion cyclist.

Correction: This post initially misstated the type of cancer Lance Armstrong survived. It was testicular.

Lance Armstrong, the champion cyclist who was everybody's hero until he dated Mary-Kate Olsen, is taking his LiveStrong brand to the Web much in the way that MC Hammer did with DanceJam.

Armstrong has formally partnered with Demand Media to launch, which debuted in full on Tuesday. It's a site for keeping tabs on fitness, wellness, and weight-loss goals, along with discussion forums, editorial content, and videos--other sites in this space are Wellsphere and SparkPeople.

It's a for-profit spinoff of Armstrong's non-profit Lance Armstrong Foundation, or, the cancer awareness foundation best-known for those bright yellow bracelets that were ubiquitous in the summer of 2004. Armstrong himself survived prostate cancer before going on to win seven Tour de France titles. is operated by Demand Media, modeled off The Daily Plate, a site the company already runs; Armstrong and his charity have stakes of undetermined amount in the new site.

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based Demand Media also owns several domain naming services, a handful of knowledge sites like and eHow, as well as health and fitness sites like, Run The Planet, and entertainment sites like Cracked and a number of online gaming titles.