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Lamp levitates, but how?

Designer Angela Jansen presented her levitating lamp during Dutch Design Week.

The cool thing about this lamp is you don't have to play the slumber party classic Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board to get it to levitate. It does that on its own.

Levitating lamp
Designer Angela Jansen has come up with a lamp that appears to float. Createv

Or so promises Crealev, an Eindhoven, Netherlands-based company that specializes in levitating products. Designer Angela Jansen presented her creation during Dutch Design Week last week, and design blog MoCo Loco has posted a video of the lamp in action.

It's unclear just how the lamp, or other Createv products, such as the hovering Buddha, do what they do.

Createv will only say that its proprietary technology has something to do with diamagnetic fields and that the company has "discovered a new levitation concept which is able to produce a very high levitation height combined with a low power dissipation and excellent stability."

Translation: Boil, bubble, toil, and trouble. Now, just toss a witch's hat on the thing and you're ready for Halloween.