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Lady Gaga's YouTube account dies (and lives again)

The monsterlicious singer's account is suspended by YouTube after an alleged copyright violation. Soon, however, it is restored.

There are, perhaps, several million people who can't live without Lady Gaga's YouTube account. Which says as much about the world as it does about those people.

So when echoes reached me today that her Ladyship's account had been suspended, I was worried there might be a spate of stress-related illnesses occurring randomly across the globe.

Time Out Tokyo reported that the account had been suspended because some monster in the midst of the Gaga Empire had uploaded a 10-minute video from a Japanese TV show called "Smap x Smap," which sounds like a boundless dollop of scintillation.

Yes, there's a real chance of a Gaga/Cher duet. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Yes, it was Gaga performing in this video. But no, she allegedly wasn't in possession of the copyright of this video. So, without official comment from YouTube, or the TV station--FujiTV--no one could be entirely sure what had happened. The official notice on the site reportedly said: "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's Copyright Policy."

However, poised claws were being pointed in the direction of a creatively named company called Media Interactive, which has allegedly been behind some other Japanese musical removals from YouTube.

I had assumed that YouTube, being run by highly reasonable Californian people, had a three-strikes-and-you're out policy when it comes to copyright infringement. However, that may not have been enacted here.

Still, the account, Ladygagaofficial, seems to be highly functional at the time of writing, so one can only assume wise heads have prevailed. I see, though, no presence of Smap x Smap content.

I know this will have been a difficult day for many of Gaga's closest animals, so I want to end with an uplifting sentiment. I have searched far, wide, long, and hard and have finally unearthed something that I believe will have the desired effect.

I went to Lady Gaga's Twitter account and noticed that her Ladyship is talking about recording a wonderful duet with a musical icon: Cher. From what I can see, they have become chums in the most influential place in which one can chum up: Twitter.

I am sure you will already be on high alert for the appearance of a Gaga/Cher love-in video on the YouTube channel that has already enjoyed almost 54 million views. And counting.